About 1,000 prayer flags of Guru Dechen Barwa and Lhamo Kurukule have been printed and raised at Dundul Raptenling with the intention of averting and pacifying illness as well as global dangers to the elements. This auspicious act has been sponsored through the kind generosity of our Singapore devotees.

The 34th Parinirvana Puja for Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

The Lama Ling Retreat Center at Dundul Raptenling was completed on November 13, 2021. On this most auspicious day of Lhabab Duchen (the Festival of the Buddha’s Descent from Heaven), we inaugurated the Lama Ling Retreat Center at our monastery. This center has been built with the intention of providing a shelter and support for seekers and practitioners who will uphold and walk the path of the Dharma.

In order for the Dharma to flourish, study and practice are equally important. It is our hope that the Lama Ling Retreat Center will contribute towards accomplishing this precious goal. The consecration of the center was graced by the third Kyabje Degyal Tulku, Kyabje Gyepa Rinpoche, as well as the Settlement’s representative officer and the respective camp leaders.

The construction of this retreat center has been made possible because of Vicky Lim and the Singapore group’s efforts, love and kind sponsorship. We are so grateful to all of them.

Dundul Raptenling has released a short video presentation of the history of the monastery. While it is in Tibetan, English speakers will find it of real interest because so many historic photos are included. Many of the greatest lamas of recent decades are included here in rare footage.

Dundul Raptenling Monastery is delighted to announce that the second portion of the ground floor ceiling of the Zangdok Palri project has been completed:

Picnic Celebration of Karma Rigshi at Orwadam Reservoir

On the auspicious day of Karma Rigshi (12/09/2021) Lama Sonam Tashi, the Lopons, teachers, and members of Dundul Raptenling enjoyed a picnic at Orwadam, a reservoir that is about 35km from our monastery. We had so much fun, enjoyed swimming in the water, and had lunch and dinner there. It was so joyful and peaceful.

The 2021/22 Academic Year Begins at Dundul Raptenling
The 2021/22 academic session of our monastery began today, June 1, 2021. Early in the morning our monks performed a Guru Rinpoche smoke offering and a Tara Puja for dispelling all obstacles for the upcoming academic year. Before the classes began, the Lopons and teachers gave talks encouraging the student monks to study diligently, and the Venerable Lama Sonam Tashi also motivated them with kind guidance and advice. All our monks were provided with the necessary school supplies for their studies. The Covid 19 protocols will be carefully followed in all classrooms.


Completion of the ground floor of Zangdok Palri and accomplishment of annual Vajrakilaya Drupchen
Our annual eight-day Vajrakilaya Drupchen was successfully completed this year on March 13th. We have shared it on YouTube:

In addition, Dundul Raptenling Monastery is so very pleased and honored to announce that the ground floor of our Zangdok Palri has just been completed. Amazing! With the help of about 300 volunteers, the ceiling of the ground floor has been completed. We are so grateful to all those many people who have helped in so many different and wonderful ways to make this remarkable accomplishment possible. It is only through the infinite blessings of Guru Rinpoche that a milestone event like this has occurred. The completion of the ground floor is documented in this inspiring YouTube video,


Dundul Raptenling Celebrates the Completion of the 2020 Annual Exams

At the invitation of Lama Sonam Tashi, HE Kyabje Gyetrul Jigmey Rinpoche graced our monastery to help us celebrate the joyous occasion of the successful completion of the 2020 Annual Exams by our monks. Kyabje Rinpoche gave a Certificate of Merit to each of our monks and also offered words of wisdom to help guide our monks. We are so very grateful that Kyabje Rinpoche was able to take the time to be with us for this happy event. Our monastery wishes Rinpoche long life and the flourishing of all his activities like the rays of the sun.

The annual four-day Vajrakilaya Dogpa Puja began this year on February 8th. The Wrathful Heruka Vajrakilaya practice is performed each year at the end of the Tibetan lunar year in order to ward off negativity, obstacles and sickness, as well as to bring harmony, prosperity, auspiciousness and good health to all for the coming year. The Tangrak Day offering to the three jewels, the deity and dharma protectors was held on the 4th day of the annual Gutor Dogpa/Vajrakilaya Practice.

In celebration of the Tibetan New Year, the Year of the Iron Ox, Lama Sonam Tashi also distributed a set of new robes to each monk as is customarily done each year at Losar. The clothes were generously sponsored by our Singapore dharma sister Vicky la and her group.

Photos of the Vajrakilaya and Losar events are included below, plus the monastery schedule for 2021. Losar Tashi Delek!

Click here to download a copy of the Annual Program & Activities

Vajrakilaya puja



Link to Losar 2021 video:

Photos commemorating the successful completion of the annual exams at Dundul Raptenling. May this auspicious event bring harmony, joy and happiness to all!

Dundul Raptenling is delighted to announce that the annual Kyabje Dudjom Jigdrel Dorjee Rinpoche Parinirvana (gongtsok) was successfully completed on January 1, 2021. The gongtsok began on December 27th, and lasted for six days. The parinirvana puja was dedicated to the liberation of all beings, to the repair of broken samaya, and to the end of the current global pandemic.  

Lama Sonam Tashi discusses the Dudjom Parinirvana
Grand Puja of 2020


In addition to these photos, there are numerous additional photos on these Facebook pages: Sonam Tashi and Monastery

Upcoming Annual Yeshi Dorjee Rinpoche Parinirvana

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Dundul Raptenling Retreat Center,  Butter Lamp house and monastery boundary wall

Today, November 3rd, 2020, we are able to share some very pleasant news. We have performed the ground breaking puja for our boundary wall, butter lamp offering house and retreat center project.

The boundary will cover the entire area of our monastery and the retreat center will facilitate the future practice of our monks. These projects will help our monastery's objective of preserving the Noble Dharma, especially the Tersar tradition. We are so thankful to the Singaporean devotees and sponsors whose generous support has made all of this possible.


Dundul Raptenling Monastery is very pleased to announce that Lama Sonam Tashi has created an app called Tersar Zoe. Available only as an Android app right now, but with IOS coming soon,  the Tersar Zoe app provides a wealth of information about the Tersar lineage for those who are interested in studying and researching the lineage. The Tersar  Zoe app includes LhenZom, Sungbum, Wangtsak, Mandala, Tor-pe, spiritual books, photos, MP3 teachings, videos and much more.

Click below to download
Click to download from google play store

Dundul Raptenling Monastery junior monks II exams. Our monks abilities are developing and improving each day!

Since the inception of the Shenphen Shedrubling Shedra, this in the first time we have released our own magazine, comprised of compositions by our own shedra monks. We hope to release the magazine annually. The releasing ceremony went smoothly, with all out monks participating enthusiastically.

Best wishes for a wonderful Tibetan New Year from Lama Sonam Tashi’s Singapore students. In 2020, they offered new robes for the monks, food and a cash stipend to each of our monks. We are so thankful for what all of you did! Losar Tashi Delek.

Our annual recitation of the Tibetan Buddhist canon, consisting of 108 volumes of the words of the Lord Buddha (the Kangyur) and 225 volumes of Tripitaka  (the Tengyur) was successfully complete today by our monks. The members of our Camp No. 3 Settlement sponsored this yearly event.

After the COVID-19 lockdown in India (which prevented everyone from leaving home and from working), Lama Sonam Tashi distributed dry goods and food staples to about 1,000 needy local Indian households spanning many nearby villages. Some poor and needy Tibetans were also included, especially the elderly who have no family. 

We thank all the sponsors for their generous and kind support.


During the Spring of 2020, our new building housing a library, conference room, teaching hall and classrooms, called the Rinzin Jamyang Gaypai Galsal, was inaugurated by Kyabje Gyalsey Rinpoche. This building was generously sponsored by Lama Sonam Tashi’s Singapore students. Other students and friends kindly donated computers, mattresses, fans, and other furnishings. We thank everyone for all the generous donations that made this wonderful milestone possible for Dundul Raptenling.

Kyabje Pekoe Gyalsey Rinpoche conferred the empowerments for the entire set of Jatsön Nyingpo’s treasure texts (terma) during February and March of 2020. The fifteen-day empowerment was attended by about 1,000 people. Kyabje Dagpo Rinpoche conferred the To Bhum transmission as well. The empowerment was requested and sponsored by the Yephel Kyiduk Tsogpa. At the end of the empowerment, the sponsors offered a grand Tenshuk (long life) ceremony. Dundul Raptenling provided a helping hand with the organization, preparations and ritual related aspects of the empowerment.

Some images of the empowerment

Under the guidance of Dundul Raptenling, the local lay people have the opportunity to learn the Troma Nakmo (Krodikali) practice. They have started a Troma Nakmo organization at the Tibetan settlement of Phuntsokling in Odisha, India.