Model of our Oddiyana Zangdok Palri project 

Letter of support and Rejoice of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche
For the benefit of all the sentient beings and Buddha dharma, and with the abundant fortune of the beings, His Holiness Dudjom Jigdrel Yeshi Dorji founded the sacred Dudul Rabtenling Monastery in Orissa. Lama Sonam Tashi who has pure intention in serving the Buddha doctrine immensely is leading with a plan to build authentic Zangdopalri there for the benefit of Buddha doctrine in general and particularly for all the sentient beings. Therefore, I urge the benefactors and generous people to support with whatever help you can extend. Written by Sangay Pema Zhedpa, who holds the name of Dudjom Tulku, on the auspicious Descending Day of Lord Buddha in Wood Sheep Year of Tibetan 17th Rabjung.

具加持力且秘密的「敦督.惹滇.林 寺院」(Dundul Rapten Ling Monastery),位於印度的奧底峽(Odisha),乃敦珠.吉札.耶謝.多傑仁波切所建。當初其建此寺的目的,並非只為佛弟子而已,亦為利益一般凡俗的十方大眾。
此寺廟的「藏多.巴里」(Zangdog Palri) 更新建案,交由索南.札西喇嘛來負責。索南.札西喇嘛是個勤敏的人,並且熱心推動這個計劃,其致力推動此計畫的目的,並非為了一己之私,而是為了利益十方大眾。此計畫建案的規章,完全依循於經典所示,無有一絲不合規範之處。
 本人,持有敦珠.揚希仁波切之名號,無誤的敦珠二世 吉札.耶謝.多傑仁波切轉世,於此佛陀天降日,誠邀所有虔信的弟子,以往的贊助者,或是僅想累積福德資糧的大德,共同支援此計畫,以使此計畫迅速成就。

Letter of support and Rejoice of His Holiness Shenphen Dawa  Rinpoche
Lama Sonam Tashi of Dundul Rabtenling Monastery, the sacred place in Orissa which was blessed by His Holiness Dudjom Jigdrel Yeshi Dorji Drodul Lingpa Tsel, the representative of Guru Rinpoche, has a plan with pure intention to build new Zangdopalri there to bring benefit to Buddha dharma. Therefore, I urge the faithful and generous sponsors to make a contribution up to your capability. This is written by Dungse Zhenphen Dawa Norbu from Yeshi Nyingpo, New York, America, on auspicious waxing moon of 11h Month in Wood Sheep Year.

來自董瑟.賢遍.達瓦.諾布 仁波切之授信
位於印度奧底峽(Odisha)極密之處的「敦督.惹滇.林」(Dundul Rapten Ling),乃蓮師的使者敦珠.吉札.耶謝.多傑.卓督.林巴仁波切所建。位於此處的「藏多.巴里」(Zangdog Palri) 更新建案,乃為了所有眾生,以及推廣法教的目的而成。此計畫建案由心地良善且設想周到的索南.札西喇嘛所負責。其動機明確,且意圖正當。

 董瑟.賢遍.達瓦.諾布 仁波切,我於紐約的耶謝.寧波中心,於木羊年十一月的吉祥日,誠邀所有虔信的弟子、贊助者,或是金錢贊助,或是提供各種資源協助,以成就此計畫。

Letter of support and Rejoice of His Holiness Dungse Garab Dorje Rinpoche
Kind notice to everyone interested in accumulating merit, As all know that Dundul Rabtenling Monastery in Orrisa, East India, is established by His Holiness Jigdrel Yeshi Dorji Rinpoche. Lama Sonam Tashi, who is faithful and bears pure intention, is leading to build a new Zangdolpari to benefit Buddha doctrine in general and particularly as to renovate and develop the monastery established by our previous Guru. I personally extend my hearty appreciation for that. And urge everyone who are fascinated in accumulating merit to extend your every possible support. Written by Bhutanese meditator Garab Dorji, holding the name of Dudjom lineage.

來自董瑟.噶拉.多傑 仁波切之授信
正如所有人所知的,位於東印度的奧底峽(Odisha),由具備高證量的吉札.敦珠 仁波切,親自建立了一個名為「敦督.惹滇.林」(Dundul Rapten Ling )的寺院。此處正由勤敏且善心的索南.札西喇嘛帶領著「藏多.巴里」(Zangdog Palri) 更新寺院計畫,意在保存偉大珍貴的教法,尤其是敦珠新岩傳的法教。

Letter of support and Rejoice of His Holiness Kathok Situ  Rinpoche
The plan of building new Zangdopalri at Dundul Rabtenling Monastery which was established by His Holiness Jigdrel Yeshi Dorji Rinpoche situated in sacred place of Guru Rinpoche at Orrisa, India, is intended to accumulate two accumulations of merit and wisdom by all. Therefore, I heartily appreciate Lama Sonam Tashi, who is leading the project, for your constant courage and pure intention to make this happen for the benefit of Buddha doctrine. I request faithful people interested in doing virtuous deed to support whatever you can. Kathok Situ Jamgon Choekyi Nyin-Jed

來自 賈節.噶陀.錫度 仁波切之授信
於蓮師的極密聖地,印度奧底峽(Odisha)的「敦督.惹滇.林」(Dundul Rapten Ling )為吉札.敦珠 仁波切所建立。為保存與復興珍貴法教,以累積福德與智慧二資糧,一個新的「藏多.巴里」(Zangdog Palri) 計劃,正由索南.札西喇嘛推動著。其推動計畫的發心強烈,


Oddiyana Zangdok Palri Project

About Our Project
The Oddiyana Zangdok Palri construction project began in 2018. It was initiated after receiving letters of support and permission from our Kyabje rinpoches, as shown above. The construction is now underway, and the ground floor is nearing completion. 
Our Aspiration
This project was initiated with the intention of providing a place of refuge to help disciples preserve, practice and research the tradition of Guru Padmasambhava. Our aspiration is also to maintain and fulfill the aims and aspirations of Kyabje Dudjom Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche.

Donation Contacts
Our project is completely dependent on individual sponsors, since we do not have a primary patron. Those with like-minded aspirations and faith are requested to join us by contributing to make this project a grand success. Our email for inquiries, as well as our details for PayPal are:

Message from the Founder of the Zangdok Palri Project
Lama Sonam Tashi la, the monastery’s founder of this project, requests everyone to show love and support for this noble project by contributing according to their own capability. Lama Sonam Tashi thanks and appreciates everyone who has donated thus far, and appeals to all to help spread information about this project to all your near and dear ones. 

Zangdok Palri new construction site (29/06/2020)

Images of our ground floor with the help of our monks, Namkha Khyunzong Nunnery and our local Tibetan community

Images of ground floor

Images of foundation





Images of the initial groundbreaking and measurements by engineers



Images of first land ceremony puja on 3 March, 2017